HOUSE OF LANGUAGES is operated by teachers. Our methodology is based in a proven, collective knowledge and supported by teachers with hands-on experience.

Learning in friendly atmosphere is the main goal of our school.

Initial lessons maximize the students confidence in speaking by tapping into their pre-existing knowledge of the English language and encouraging them to share what they know.

After placement tests, we analyse the needs of each student and offer a personalized learning plan according to the needs of the student.

Experience has shown us that students learn more easily the smaller the group is. That is why we recommend groups to be a maximum of 8 students.

Lessons always start with a review from the previous lesson to reinforce language or vocabulary. Each lesson, new vocabulary and linguistics are introduced before being put it into practice.

In classes using textbooks, we believe speaking is still a critical part of the learning process. As such, students are encouraged to speak about the topics in the textbook more than the book might allow.

For lower levels we recommend best Slovak teachers who can explain grammar and who can show the difference between Slovak and English grammar.

For higher level groups wanting conversation and practical English we offer alternate classes between a teacher from the UK and US or from Commonwealth countries. This ensures the students can become confident with the differences in each standard of English.

The connection between teachers and students doesn’t finish after the class. Teachers are always available by phone or email to assist students with homework, evaluation or general queries.