Language teacher

HOUSE OF LANGUAGES always opens its door to those who want to learn new experiences and to those who want to share their experiences with others. We are a language school, which always welcome all the foreign teachers who have been in the field of teaching English and we also support those who are inexperienced but have the motivation to learn. We also welcome all Slovak teachers who have tremendous expertise in the field of English language. We are a school which is not concentrating only on the qualification of the teachers but also their experiences. All our teachers are expected to be cooperative with colleagues, to be actively interested in further self-improvement and to take an active part in methodological workshops and other educational training events.

Translator – interpreter

Translators and interpreters are accepted on the basis of a selection procedure, experience and references. Adequate qualifications, time flexibility and full commitment to work are expected.

If you are interested in cooperation with HOUSE OF LANGUAGES, please call +421 0903 381 222 or send an e-mail to